Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Organized Random Stuff

Last spring I participated in Organzing Junkie's 30 Day Challenge. I organized, cleaned and decorated my studio (an important sounding word for craft room or office or sanctuary where sanity is restored). I'm happy to say that the room is still (mostly) clean and organized. Click on the banner to the right to see what people are working on this go round.

The before and after pictures are here and here.

Today's GeMoOrgNo pictures come from my studio. They are baskets that hold random stuff. I bought them at Dollar Tree and labelled them with key tags so I'd know what was in the basket without pulling it down from the shelf.

I like this last basket best. It's where I keep my stash of good things. I'm being virtuous (right now) so it's empty. Neither Grom not Surferman have figured out that it's where they can find the chocolate. If you ever come to my house, now you know where to look.

Join the Lazy Organizer every day this month for GeMoOrgNo - Get More Organized Now! She started an official group at NaBloPoMo. If you would like to join you may go there and request an invitation.

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