Wednesday, November 07, 2007

(Need Something to) Work for Me Wednesday - Fragrance for Men

It's a backwards day for Works for me Wednesday. I get to ask you all for your ideas.

Surferman ran out of cologne. He's never had one that he loves and is attached to. I just buy something and we enjoy/endure it until it's gone.

We were in a Sephorra lately and tried to find him a new fragrance but were overwhelmed by the choices.

So... what do you recommend? I'll print the comment list and we'll go sniffing.

Works for me...

After you've helped me, go to Rock in My Dryer and find another soul to help.


  1. I know it's meant for the younger set, but my husband (and I) love the Hollister fragrance, "Jake." It's clean and fresh and simple....and less costly than most.

  2. This one will surprise you. I bought the Derek Jeter endorsed fragrance "Driven" by Avon recently more or less to help a lady at my workplace who is supplementing her income. Low and behold, it's very good and I really like it. It won't cost you much to try it, that's for sure.

  3. Issey Miyake. Smells SO good!

  4. Mary Kay has a great new men's cologne called High Intensity. Hubby loves it!

  5. My husband wears Nautica Sport...let me just say yumO! He smells so good with this on, it makes me melt!

  6. I love Derek Jeter's Driven. I got some for my husband, and then the neighbor smelled it and had to have some... and then one of his co-workers... it's one of those universally liked ones.