Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BEING Robin 01.31.2012

THINKING: I'm really glad that January is over.  Not sure why exactly, just really looking forward to February.

DOING: We're off to Solvang this weekend to spend a little time with Surferman's mom and step-dad.  I'm excited for a mini getaway.  I've been thinking about Summer and vacation plans.  

COOKING: Still working on cleaning out the freezer and pantry.  I made a huge pot of chili with leftover pork for tonight, and a pot of split pea soup with ham for tomorrow night.  I felt like I was pulling something over on someone.  I cooked two dinners at once.  Ha!  Take that!

TEACHING: Grom and I have been having a lot of fun with money.  I grab a handful of change from the change mug and give it to him.  He tells me how much is there.  I make a record sheet with some questions, like "How much do you have left if you buy an ice cream for $.99?" and "How many nickels would that amount be?"  He keeps asking if he gets to keep the money when he's done.  Little does he know that the change mug money becomes my Starbucks money... don't see me giving it away anytime soon.

READING: I still haven't found a novel.  I'm half through with the "Night Circus".  I keep forgetting to put part 2 on my phone.

WATCHING:  I recorded a marathon of the "Love..." movies - can't remember the author, but the main characters all seem like they would've been friends with Laura Ingalls.  I've been totally sucked in.  I've watched 3 and have a bunch to go.  I like how they gently tie God into the plot lines.

CREATING: Restaurants.  Grom and I are engrossed in a silly iPad game.  It's a total time waster, but we are having a ball.

THANKING: Grom and I were able to spend a lot of time together this past weekend.  7 year old boys are awesome.

PRAYING: Wisdom in an interesting opportunity for Surferman, diligence in completing my organizing challenge, Grom's karate belt test on Saturday and a sweet visit with Surferman's parents this weekend.

STUDYING: One more week of Joseph for Kids Club.  I have been wanting to really dig into and pull apart a book of the Bible.  I'm stuck choosing which one.  What's your favorite epistle?

WORDING: quixotic (adj.) - exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. I find I'm inundated with quixotic ideas for Valentine's Day.

So that's what it's like being Robin this week.

Looking for the Daybook?  I've moved on. I'm starting my own thing... BEING Robin.  You can join me if you want, but don't BE Robin.  Be yourself.  Let me know if you share your week, I'd love to read it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Home Office... you've been put on notice!

Way back when in 2007, 
one of Organizing Junkie's challenges got my studio put together.  

This time I want to reclaim my studio 
from those icky personal financial papers 
and get our home office set up.  

Watch for updates!

what's for dinner - 01.30.2012

~Grom - karate~
~Family Dinner~
carnitas tacos

green salad

~Kids Club / Bible study~
split pea soup with ham
green salad 

~Grom - gymnastics / karate~
~Bible Study~

~out of town - visiting Surferman's parents~


~Fellowship Dinner - Superbowl Edition~
sparkling lemonade

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BEING Robin 01.24.2012

THINKING: The parents group at Grom's school is organizing (still).  We have 56 students and only 11 parents moms showed up for the monthly meeting.  Why don't parents participate?  What would motivate them?

DOING: Our schedule is generally busy. This week is busy plus!  It seems like there is something extra at every turn.  It's all good stuff and nothing that can be eliminated.  Just... have... to... keep... moving.

COOKING:  Woo Hoo!  We have leftover spaghetti!  Spaghetti Pancakes this week for dinner.... YES!  I'm going to post my recipe after I make them this week.

TEACHING: Grom has no center time this week, so we are doing the independent study thing.  Grom has been great about getting his work done.  He learned about New York and chose New Mexico as his next state.  

READING: Still listening to "The NIght Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.  It's very interesting and I suspect it will make a beautiful movie.  Grom and I are listening to "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeline L'Engle.  They are reading it aloud at Grom's school so I'm glad we are reading it too.  I remember reading it as a kid, but don't remember how strange it is.

WATCHING: Ants crawl through their habitat.  It's amazing that they work so well together.

CREATING: Grom asked to do some art.  I saw a watercolor idea and set him loose.  When it's done, I'll share it.  It's cool.  It's fun to see him being artistic.

THANKING: Rooibos tea.  No caffeine and a warm smooth treat.

PRAYING: I'm starting a prayer journal.  At the beginning of the year, my pastor challenged us to pray for 12 things every day.  Easy enough right?  I'm ready to see what the Lords going to do.

STUDYING: I've had fun digging into the life of Joseph to teach Kids Club.  There are so many great lessons to learn from Jacob's boys.  Still plugging along with my reading plan.

So that's what it's like being Robin this week.

Looking for the Daybook?  I've moved on. I'm starting my own thing... BEING Robin.  You can join me if you want, but don't BE Robin.  Be yourself.  Let me know if you share your week, I'd love to read it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

what's for dinner - 01.23.2012

~Grom - karate~
~Family Dinner~
my folks cook

~take meal to family with new baby~
~Parent Group Meeting~
bbq pulled chicken sandwiches
vegetarian beans

~Kids Club / Bible Study~
Spaghetti Pancake

~Grom - gymnastics / karate~
~teach Bible Study~

~Servant Dinner~

split pea soup with ham

~Fellowship Dinner~

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the Word

"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," 
 Romans 3:23

Friday, January 20, 2012

instafriday - 01.20.2012

my week in iphone photos

 road trip to the bay area
my parents gave Grom those great headphones for Christmas
he can't hear ANYTHING when he has them on

we got together with my dad's family for our annual Christmas Game

skyping with Beth and the girlies
we sure missed them

for the Christmas Game, we each bring a present and then we draw numbers 
there is lots of laughing, scheming and stealing

i got a new set of knives and a really cool cutting board

Grom and a cousin-cousin
i love the way he's crossing his legs - it made me smile

sweet quiet time
i'm giving myself stickers when i finish my reading for the day

it's amazing how rewarding a sticker can be


i don't know where waldo is, but here are some friends

carnitas taco feast with friends
brussels sprouts go with tacos, right?

yet another beautiful sunset

buffalo chicken chili

ant farm update
still alive and digging

it was bring a friend night at kids club this week
we had 24 kids!
a new world record

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roasted Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese

Roasted Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese
6 c. cubed butternut squash
1/2 c. diced onion
2 T olive oil
1 T fresh thyme (minced)
1 c. crumbled blue cheese
1/2 c. panko bread crumbs

preheat oven to 425F (convection if you have it)
mix all ingredients in a large bowl
spread onto a baking sheet (stoneware if you have it)
bake 35 to 45 minutes - squash should be cooked through and the top brown

BEING Robin 01.18.12

THINKING: About single moms.  Wow, what a tough job.  I can't imagine being the only or primary parent.  I'll be praying that the Lord show me ways to help.  
PLANNING: The teachers at Grom's school are throwing a pajama movie night.  They are raising money to go to the Montessori Convention. I think it's sad that they have to have a fundraiser, but that's another soapbox.  Grom really wants to go.  I need to find out what movie they're showing.  I hope it works out... DATE NIGHT!

DOING: I started Weight Watchers on Monday.  They have an app for my phone and it's like a game... as long as I have points left I can eat anything I want.  

COOKING: Buffalo Chicken Chili.  So yummy.  Next time I'd add more Frank's Red Hot Sauce (which is probably the best hot sauce EVER).  Just 4 points - 7 points with the blue cheese on top.  Yep... I'm counting points.

TEACHING: I missing my verve when it comes to Grom's schooling.  It's been a couple of hard weeks.  We have a new learning period starting on Monday.  It will get better when I have time to do some planning and organizing.

READING: I started listening to "The NIght Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.  I'm not very far in.  I also just got "10 Habits of Happy Mothers" by Meg Meeker from the library.  I only have 2 weeks to l iisten to it, so I think it's going on the front burner.  Still looking for something to read.

WATCHING: Top Chef.  Grom likes to watch it with me.  It's amazing what they can do with the challenges and amount of time they're given.  I'm rooting for Nyesha, who is actually currently eliminated, but has a chance to get back into it via Last Chance Kitchen.  

CREATING: I'm sewing the binding on a quilt.  I think sewing the binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting.  It's so relaxing and it means the quilt is done.

THANKING: I'm not a single mom.  Surferman... you rock!

PRAYING: Surferman's business, Grom's obedience and listening, my discipline in getting to bed at a decent time and getting to the gym in the morning.

STUDYING: I'm studying the life of Joseph for teaching at SKC.  I had a short stall with my Bible in a year.  I have a few days to make up, but I'm current and moving ahead.

WORDING: verve - vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.

So that's what it's like being Robin this week.

Looking for the Daybook?  I've moved on. I'm starting my own thing... BEING Robin.  You can join me if you want, but don't BE Robin.  Be yourself.  Let me know if you share your week, I'd love to read it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

what's for dinner - 01.16.2012

~Grom - karate~
~Family Dinner~
carnitas tacos / lettuce wraps
with the works


~Kids Club / Bible Study~
egg salad sandwiches

~Grom - gymnastics / karate~
~Bible Study~

~Grom - pajama movie night at school~


~Fellowship Dinner~

Friday, January 13, 2012

instafriday - 01.13.2012

my week in iphone photos

we're back in our routine
not as fun as last week, but still a great week

pinata fun
yes!  that's a prosthetic leg being used as a bat
 years ago they forgot the bat for the pinata
 using our friend's surf leg is now tradition

after each kid had 3 turns knock that pinata apart
this marvelous mamma stepped up and took care of business
she's says it's better than anger management classes

the pinata was full of all kinds of fun stuff and some candy
and pens
public service announcement:  don't put pens in a pinata
unless you want all the kids to be inked

i got my teeth cleaned
i wish i could say that i love going to the dentist

talk about eating a rainbow...
check out this veggie soup

friday night feast

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BEING Robin 1.10.12

THINKING: I'm dumping the Daybook.  My sister and dad gave me a hard time about some of the sillier writing prompts from the Daybook.  Yes... it is most ALWAYS dark outside when I blog.  So I'm starting my own thing... BEING Robin.  You can join me if you want, but don't BE Robin.  Be yourself.

PLANNING: It's a pretty standard week.  So glad to have our routine back.  YAY school!  We are celebrating Christmas with my dad's family this weekend.  It will be great to spend time with them.

DOING: I got my haircut today.  My new hairdresser is great.

COOKING: I made the yummiest burritos for dinner tonight.  I cooked dried pinto beans in the crock-pot.  We stuffed them with the beans, rice, cheese and my secret ingredient... smashed cauliflower.  I snuck that veggie in and no one noticed.  Hot sauce and salsa added some zing.

TEACHING: Grom is back to school this week.  We went to the aquarium last Friday so we're focusing on fun things like jellyfish, octopus and sharks.  We gave Grom a Karyn Henley's Begin-To-Read Bible.  He's been reading it every day.

READING:  I'm not into anything right now.  I've tried a couple of books, but can't get involved in anything.  I need some suggestions, both for something to read and something to listen to.

WATCHING: Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Grom and I really enjoyed listening to the book and were really apprehensive.  I'm not the biggest Jim Carrey fan.  Well.. they didn't use any of the book, but it was a nice story.  A couple of scenes caused Grom and I to laugh uncontrollably.  We recommend the book first and then the movie.

CREATING: Pins on Boards.  I enjoy Pinterest.

THANKING: For opportunities to learn about God with Grom.  Right now he's memorizing Psalm 147:5.  "Great [is] our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding [is] infinite."  Infinite - without bounds or limits... WOW!

PRAYING: Surferman's business, Grom's obedience and listening, my discipline in getting to bed at a decent time.  Surferman and I have some reorganizing to do... unity in that project.

STUDYING: I started reading a One Year Bible on the 1st.  I'm clicking along... 10 days for 10 days.  I'm going to start co-teaching a women's Bible study.  I've only taught kids for a long time.  We are going through the Gospels.

WORDING: comport - to behave in a particular way.  At the aquarium, Grom comported himself with expected good manners.

So that's what it's like being Robin this week.

Monday, January 09, 2012

what's for dinner - 01.09.2012

~Grom - karate~
bread soup

black beans
cheese burritos
(make extra for freezer lunches)

~Kids Club / Bible Study~
LO pasta

~Grom - gymnastics / karate~
~Bible Study~

Wasabi White Ruffy 
roasted brussels sprouts
tater tots

~extended family Christmas celebration~
take bbq meatballs


Need some ideas for dinner?  
Check out the meal plans linked up at Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.  

Friday, January 06, 2012

instafriday - 01.06.2012

so much fun
it's hard to believe it's been just one week

when in california... ice sledding

and ice tobogganing

new year's eve party
we made our hats

2012 family shareholders meeting
we talked about what we need to do to be a better family

heart shaped pumpkin pancakes 
to eat during the rose parade

another beautiful sunset

ant habitat update #1
interesting ant fact - all of the ants in our colony are female

i have no idea what the seahorse told grom
grom is really good at keeping secrets

if i had a pet, it would be a jelly fish
they are so cool

school of sardines
grom and i got to go to the monterey bay aquarium on a field trip

in the tube - and he didn't even get wet

the best carnitas in salinas at gutierrez drive in