Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BEING Robin 01.18.12

THINKING: About single moms.  Wow, what a tough job.  I can't imagine being the only or primary parent.  I'll be praying that the Lord show me ways to help.  
PLANNING: The teachers at Grom's school are throwing a pajama movie night.  They are raising money to go to the Montessori Convention. I think it's sad that they have to have a fundraiser, but that's another soapbox.  Grom really wants to go.  I need to find out what movie they're showing.  I hope it works out... DATE NIGHT!

DOING: I started Weight Watchers on Monday.  They have an app for my phone and it's like a game... as long as I have points left I can eat anything I want.  

COOKING: Buffalo Chicken Chili.  So yummy.  Next time I'd add more Frank's Red Hot Sauce (which is probably the best hot sauce EVER).  Just 4 points - 7 points with the blue cheese on top.  Yep... I'm counting points.

TEACHING: I missing my verve when it comes to Grom's schooling.  It's been a couple of hard weeks.  We have a new learning period starting on Monday.  It will get better when I have time to do some planning and organizing.

READING: I started listening to "The NIght Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.  I'm not very far in.  I also just got "10 Habits of Happy Mothers" by Meg Meeker from the library.  I only have 2 weeks to l iisten to it, so I think it's going on the front burner.  Still looking for something to read.

WATCHING: Top Chef.  Grom likes to watch it with me.  It's amazing what they can do with the challenges and amount of time they're given.  I'm rooting for Nyesha, who is actually currently eliminated, but has a chance to get back into it via Last Chance Kitchen.  

CREATING: I'm sewing the binding on a quilt.  I think sewing the binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting.  It's so relaxing and it means the quilt is done.

THANKING: I'm not a single mom.  Surferman... you rock!

PRAYING: Surferman's business, Grom's obedience and listening, my discipline in getting to bed at a decent time and getting to the gym in the morning.

STUDYING: I'm studying the life of Joseph for teaching at SKC.  I had a short stall with my Bible in a year.  I have a few days to make up, but I'm current and moving ahead.

WORDING: verve - vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.

So that's what it's like being Robin this week.

Looking for the Daybook?  I've moved on. I'm starting my own thing... BEING Robin.  You can join me if you want, but don't BE Robin.  Be yourself.  Let me know if you share your week, I'd love to read it.

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