Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's for Dinner - 7.11.11

~Grom - gymnastics camp~
~Family Dinner~
my parents cook

~Grom - gymnastics camp~
~Grom - karate~
taco bar
(chicken, beans, cheese, salad)

~Grom - gymnastics camp~
garlic chicken pasta

~Grom - gymnastics camp~
~Grom - gymnastics / karate~
LO bbq chicken sandwich

~Grom - gymnastics camp~
enchiladas & gorditas

garlic bread

pepper bellies

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Going... Gogo... Gone!

It's 2:16 am. I'm up and bawling.

I was asleep moments ago. I woke up from a strange dream that even as I type is getting less and less memorable. I rolled over to find a new position and go back to sleep when I remembered that I said goodbye to a "son" today. Gogo returned to Switzerland.

Cue tears. I was afraid the sobbing would wake up Surferman. So I'm blogging and hoping to get back to bed.

It was a very special year (well 10 months really). Gogo became a part of our family and lives.

A gal from church made him a scrapbook to remember his year in the US. She couldn't have made it easier for me. She created a page titled "Your Host Family" and even hunted me down to take pictures for the page. All I had to do was add another picture or two and write something on the page so Gogo could stick it in his scrapbook.

The page sits on my desk. It's the same as when she gave it to me.

Looking back, it's like I thought... If I don't write in his farewell book, he's not leaving. (and I'm the one who worried about how Grom would adjust to being Gogoless... sheesh).

Perspective Robin... He's not dead. The world is small and travel is easy. There is always skype and Facebook.

But he won't be in our living room playing Angry Birds... Lil Pirates... Electric Box... with Grom.
But he won't be outside kicking a soccer ball around with Grom.
But I won't be driving him to high school ever day warning him to beware of pushy girls.
But I won't be stretched to make decisions most parents get to grow into.
But banana sales in our county will suddenly drop.
But... we will miss him.