Sunday, October 22, 2006


Grom has taken to calling me by my first name. It's hard not to giggle and smile. "Waaabin, cme ere". "Waaabin, milk pwease". It's so dern cute.

I cried night after night because I wasn't pregnant. I rejoiced when the Lord granted the desire of my heart. I resigned my natural birth for a very unnatural c-section. BUT, not to have a 2 year old calling me my first name... I REFUSE!

I've earned the title Mommy. I want the title Mommy.

I will not respond to Waaabin. I will not respond to Waaabin. I will not respond to Waaabin.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Think I've Poisoned My Family

What's for dinner?
Gado-gado salad topped with bbq'd albacore.

Now 4 of 6 of us are running to the bathroom. No pain or discomfort thankfully.

Some of the albacore was a bit rare. Surferman said it was fine - we eat sushi (raw) all the time. So far Grom(2) and Grandma(89) are ok. We made sure they ate the well cooked pieces. Please pray they stay ok.

It was delicious, but that's not really any consolation.

I won't live this down for a while I'm sure.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage on Maui (A List of 10 Great Things to Do, See or Eat)

Surferman and I had an amazing time celebrating our 10th anniversary on Maui. We've compiled our list of the 10 best things about our trip. If you have a chance to get away with your sweetie, I highly recommend it. If you have a chance to get away with your sweetie and go to Maui, we recommend (in no particular order):

Aloha Mixed Plate - Go at sunset to enjoy the beautiful view and sunset. Great food with casual seating outside. The food is a deal with large portions served. Surferman had the Alii plate which had a variety of Hawaiian dishes and I had the Aloha Mixed Plate which gave us even more variety.

Maui Brewing Company - Ask for Ed. He was the best waiter we had this trip. He really knew his menu, his beers and was happy and fun. Surferman had Ahi 3 Ways, I had a special that was so special words fail me. I felt like an Iron Chef judge tasting the offering of a competitor. Desserts were fantastic too.

Maui Guest House - Our trip wasn't all about eating. We stayed at a fantastic Bed and Breakfast in Lahaina. It had everything that we needed and even a few things that we didn't. It was very clean. The staff was attentive, friendly and helpful. The kitchen is well equipped. We made picnic lunches most days and cooked our dinners in a few of the nights we were there.

Calvary Chapel Westside - We were blessed to be able to worship at both a Sunday and a midweek service with our CCWestside brothers and sisters. Pastor Steve is a great teacher and you can't bet their sanctuary - they meet in a park right on the water.

The Gazebo Restaurant - Ever have a Banana Pancake with Coconut Syrup? This is the place to go for breakfast on Maui as far as we're concerned.

Black Rock and Snorkeling - Park at the Sheraton Maui Resort in Kaanapali. Use their valet service; it's worth every penny. The beach is beautiful and sandy, but a bit crowded and without shade. Don't forget the SPF. We both burned a bit. Next time, I'll be looking for some SPF rash guards to wear. We saw tons of fish, beautiful sea creatures and coral. Surferman even saw a sting ray. We walked down to Whaler's Village for lunch. A great day.

Honolua Bay and Snorkeling - Not as great as Black Rock, but a heck of a lot less crowded at the same time. Easy hike from the car to shore. Clean portapotty.

Starbucks - OK... Venti Iced Cup, filled with ice, 3 shots of decaf espresso, fill to 3/4 of an inch with water - add some half and half and a bit of liquid sugar (Why can't we get liquid sugar at Starbucks in California? It's wonderful.) and you have the perfect refreshing drink. Now officially named a MauiMomma. I think I found every Starbucks on the island.

Queen Ka'ahumanu Center - Frugality gets in the way of shopping. Surferman and I did a lot of looking but not much buying. Queen Ka'ahumanu was our favorite shopping destination. Of course it has a Starbucks.

Hanakao'o / Canoe Beach - Great beach for sleeping, relaxing, and doing a bit of body surfing. You can watch the jet skiiers, check out the Hawaiian canoes, take a walk. I liked it because there was grass and shade. The walk from the car to the beach is very short.