Monday, January 15, 2007

2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks and 3 days

That's how long we made it without an ER visit for Grom. It all ended today.

Midmorning yesterday, Grom became a hot soggy noodle. He's had a fever of 103F+ since then. He aches and is a zoned out space cadet. I made an appointment for him tomorrow.

But at 6 pm, he got really cranky and his temp was 105.3. I called the MD on call and was advised to go to the ER for a chest x-ray. He suspected pneumonia.

Of course the last dose of motrin kicked in as we waited (and waited and waited) in the waiting room (very appropriatly named). By the time we saw the doctor, Grom was talking, hungry, laughing, playing - basically acting like a toddler.

I did get the correct dosages of motrin and acetaminophen for his weight. Probably could've googled it and saved the $100.

Next time I'm taking video of the kid I have at home that caused the 1/2 hour drive to the hospital so I have proof that I'm not a hyperexcitable mom.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


As part of a challenge at Frugal Families (pay - although you can "visit" for a while for free), I'm trying to save money on groceries this month and use up my expansive pantry. It's time to clean it out and start over. There's some iffy food in there. My goal is to limit grocery spending to $200 this month. I feed 5 adults and Grom most days.

It's early in the month yet, so it hasn't been a huge challenge. I hope to post what I do to use up my stockpile and keep my spending down here.

Tonight for dinner:
Lasagna - used up chese that looked disgusting but was still good for melting and some cooked hamburger patties left from Labor Day.

Spending today: $9
Toilet paper - can't go without that
"Day Old" Cookies - into the freezer for a specific occasion NOT snacking

Made the switch

I just switched over to the new Blogger. So far, so good.

Best part is being able to label my posts. I think I got most of them. I didn't bother to label the random, whiney posts - even thought about deleting them. But I guess they are apart of my life just the same.

I was encouraged to see that the majority of my post were labeled "God".

Now, I need to figure out how to get something pretty and not these standard dots. I know that I could figure out how to change it myself. I'm thinking about "hiring it out". Maybe as a reward for reformed behavior?

Happy New Year!

I am happy to report that today marks 10 (YES, TEN!) days in a row that I've been able to do my Bible Reading. If you're confused - I started a day early.

I'm following this great plan that I found out about from Kelli. I have tried to read the Bible all the way through many times. I always seem to get stuck somewhere. This plan has a lot of variety and that seems to suit me fine.

Grom has been cooperative. He even woke us up at 5 am this morning. Fortunately, he went back to sleep quickly, but not quick enough that Surferman and I could justify sneaking back to bed ourselves. Today Joshua lead the people to claim their promised land. So much to learn from their steps and misteps.

Life is better when my day is started in God's Word.