Tuesday, January 09, 2007


As part of a challenge at Frugal Families (pay - although you can "visit" for a while for free), I'm trying to save money on groceries this month and use up my expansive pantry. It's time to clean it out and start over. There's some iffy food in there. My goal is to limit grocery spending to $200 this month. I feed 5 adults and Grom most days.

It's early in the month yet, so it hasn't been a huge challenge. I hope to post what I do to use up my stockpile and keep my spending down here.

Tonight for dinner:
Lasagna - used up chese that looked disgusting but was still good for melting and some cooked hamburger patties left from Labor Day.

Spending today: $9
Toilet paper - can't go without that
"Day Old" Cookies - into the freezer for a specific occasion NOT snacking

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