Friday, January 06, 2012

instafriday - 01.06.2012

so much fun
it's hard to believe it's been just one week

when in california... ice sledding

and ice tobogganing

new year's eve party
we made our hats

2012 family shareholders meeting
we talked about what we need to do to be a better family

heart shaped pumpkin pancakes 
to eat during the rose parade

another beautiful sunset

ant habitat update #1
interesting ant fact - all of the ants in our colony are female

i have no idea what the seahorse told grom
grom is really good at keeping secrets

if i had a pet, it would be a jelly fish
they are so cool

school of sardines
grom and i got to go to the monterey bay aquarium on a field trip

in the tube - and he didn't even get wet

the best carnitas in salinas at gutierrez drive in

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