Friday, January 13, 2012

instafriday - 01.13.2012

my week in iphone photos

we're back in our routine
not as fun as last week, but still a great week

pinata fun
yes!  that's a prosthetic leg being used as a bat
 years ago they forgot the bat for the pinata
 using our friend's surf leg is now tradition

after each kid had 3 turns knock that pinata apart
this marvelous mamma stepped up and took care of business
she's says it's better than anger management classes

the pinata was full of all kinds of fun stuff and some candy
and pens
public service announcement:  don't put pens in a pinata
unless you want all the kids to be inked

i got my teeth cleaned
i wish i could say that i love going to the dentist

talk about eating a rainbow...
check out this veggie soup

friday night feast


  1. these photos make me miss you guys! love ya!

  2. I am SO glad you included a photo of you getting your teeth cleaned. I was really hoping to see that. Did you ask the dentist to take it? I feel much less homesick now. Thanks!