Friday, January 20, 2012

instafriday - 01.20.2012

my week in iphone photos

 road trip to the bay area
my parents gave Grom those great headphones for Christmas
he can't hear ANYTHING when he has them on

we got together with my dad's family for our annual Christmas Game

skyping with Beth and the girlies
we sure missed them

for the Christmas Game, we each bring a present and then we draw numbers 
there is lots of laughing, scheming and stealing

i got a new set of knives and a really cool cutting board

Grom and a cousin-cousin
i love the way he's crossing his legs - it made me smile

sweet quiet time
i'm giving myself stickers when i finish my reading for the day

it's amazing how rewarding a sticker can be


i don't know where waldo is, but here are some friends

carnitas taco feast with friends
brussels sprouts go with tacos, right?

yet another beautiful sunset

buffalo chicken chili

ant farm update
still alive and digging

it was bring a friend night at kids club this week
we had 24 kids!
a new world record

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  1. I love your Christmas present stealing game, it sounds like it would be hilarious!