Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BEING Robin 1.10.12

THINKING: I'm dumping the Daybook.  My sister and dad gave me a hard time about some of the sillier writing prompts from the Daybook.  Yes... it is most ALWAYS dark outside when I blog.  So I'm starting my own thing... BEING Robin.  You can join me if you want, but don't BE Robin.  Be yourself.

PLANNING: It's a pretty standard week.  So glad to have our routine back.  YAY school!  We are celebrating Christmas with my dad's family this weekend.  It will be great to spend time with them.

DOING: I got my haircut today.  My new hairdresser is great.

COOKING: I made the yummiest burritos for dinner tonight.  I cooked dried pinto beans in the crock-pot.  We stuffed them with the beans, rice, cheese and my secret ingredient... smashed cauliflower.  I snuck that veggie in and no one noticed.  Hot sauce and salsa added some zing.

TEACHING: Grom is back to school this week.  We went to the aquarium last Friday so we're focusing on fun things like jellyfish, octopus and sharks.  We gave Grom a Karyn Henley's Begin-To-Read Bible.  He's been reading it every day.

READING:  I'm not into anything right now.  I've tried a couple of books, but can't get involved in anything.  I need some suggestions, both for something to read and something to listen to.

WATCHING: Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Grom and I really enjoyed listening to the book and were really apprehensive.  I'm not the biggest Jim Carrey fan.  Well.. they didn't use any of the book, but it was a nice story.  A couple of scenes caused Grom and I to laugh uncontrollably.  We recommend the book first and then the movie.

CREATING: Pins on Boards.  I enjoy Pinterest.

THANKING: For opportunities to learn about God with Grom.  Right now he's memorizing Psalm 147:5.  "Great [is] our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding [is] infinite."  Infinite - without bounds or limits... WOW!

PRAYING: Surferman's business, Grom's obedience and listening, my discipline in getting to bed at a decent time.  Surferman and I have some reorganizing to do... unity in that project.

STUDYING: I started reading a One Year Bible on the 1st.  I'm clicking along... 10 days for 10 days.  I'm going to start co-teaching a women's Bible study.  I've only taught kids for a long time.  We are going through the Gospels.

WORDING: comport - to behave in a particular way.  At the aquarium, Grom comported himself with expected good manners.

So that's what it's like being Robin this week.

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  1. very cool, robin! both in picture and vision! people are blessed when you are Robin :)