Saturday, November 03, 2007

Organized Supplements

Calcium for strong bones.
Fish Oil for heart health.
Iron for cranky, crabby, tired Robin.

Surferman and I take a bunch of supplements. I can explain why we take most of them and we do feel a lot better when we are consistent in taking them. Going through all the bottles every night was a pain. And our supplements needed their own suitcase when we travel.

Enter my solution...
I found a parts box at the hardware store. I put a sticker in the lid of the box to label each compartment. I also make notes about how many each one of us should take. I refill each section when needed. I also save the silica packs and intersperse them among the compartments to keep things dry.

When we travel, the box fits perfectly inside a gallon sized ziplock bag and we're on the road again.

GeMoOrgNo - Get More Organized Now! is the brain child of Lara, The Lazy Organizer.

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  1. great idea. I hear ya about it being a pain to go through bottles every day, as I have a few myself!

    (found you on Lazy Organizer's blog)