Thursday, November 29, 2007

Organized Pantry

This is my pantry cupboard in my kitchen.  I have a lot of food storage in a utility room outside.  My utility room is like a garage, but there is no where to park cars.  Canned goods and extra stuff is kept out there.

These are Tupperware containers.  They are 2 deep.  The top shelf has all the staple stuff like flour, sugar, open pasta, etc.

The next shelf down has smaller containers.  Stuff like corn starch, raisins, crackers.

The bottom shelf is always the least organized.  It's the transient stuff.  The box of cereal we are eating instead of cookies, chocolate covered edamame, and more crackers.

I label the containers with either labels with my label machine or with these cool write on-erase off labels.

GeMoOrgNo is almost done!


  1. I think I am coveting your pantry and your label maker. Good job!

  2. Amazing!! I so need to get more organized... you have given me a lot of ideas, thanks!!

    JOYFully in Him,

  3. WOW! I am very envious of your pantry. I only wish we had one!!! VERY organized, good for you.