Saturday, November 17, 2007

Organized Garage Sale Shopping

Most every Saturday you can find me out at garage sales. I have realized that another way that I am blessed is that I get to live in California where we don't have "Garage Sale Season" like so many parts of the U.S.

My Dad, my Mom, my Sister and Grom and I head out. I drive. Dad navigates. We have a great time and there is usually a stop at a Starbucks or similar. We have great fun, find some things to sell on ebay, find lots of stuff for Grom and my mom talks to everyone and tells them way more than they need or want to know.

Today, we were without my parents (they are travelling), but we still hit the sales. I scored 3 pairs of shoes for Grom - Vans, Tevas and Airwalks all in great shape for $1/pair. Anyway... on to the GeMoOrgNo part of this post...
We organize our outings. Every Saturday morning we scour the newspaper and Craig's List - get the addresses and plug them into our Thomas Guide Software. It's great for marking all the sales and makes it much easier to not missing any of the good stuff.

GeMoOrgNo was started by Lara the Lazy Organizer. I'm joining her every day this month with photos of organized things.

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  1. That's great! How many miles do you drive on a garage sale day? People have garage salesw here every Friday and Saturday until it gets too cold. I used to go both days when my kids were little and I was trying to decorate my first house. The last couple of years I've been afraid to spend all that money on gas. I don't know if all the great deals makes up for the cost of the fuel, especially now that we've moved further out of town. I miss it though!

    Maybe we should go one last time before it gets too cold. That is so cool that your family goes with you. Do you have room to carry all the cool stuff you find? Do you ever fight over a good deal?

  2. You can also do trip planning with Goggle maps. Just click on get directions and put in your start address and one of the addresses. Once you have one, you can click add destination as many times as you like. Once you have all of your destinations in there, you can drag and drop to change the order, or you can move the line around to change which streets you take.

    Thanks for the tip on how you find where to go, I've been meaning to ask.

  3. I've never kept track of the mileage. We usually do the larger community just south of us and sometimes the next one west. Since we go so regularly, the gas is just part of my weekly allotment. If I'm low on gas, I get my family to chip in.

    The cost of gas is the cost of fun. Often the deals are secondary. We have had some amazing scores.

    Last weekend, my mom bought a couple of plastic drawers full of craft supplies. When she went through them she found postage stamps valued at more than she paid. That was a find.

    Good tip with Google Maps. I think we've been using this software from before Google Maps existed. I'll have to check it out. It might be better.

    I love garage sales.

  4. Oh, how I LOVE garage saling...wish I had someone to go with...