Friday, November 30, 2007

Organized Spices

It's hard to believe that GeMoOrgNo is done.  I still have a couple of posts of organized things.  They'll show up sometime.

These shots are of my spice and herb collection.  I bought the wooden racks and some of the jars (white lids) at Cost Plus.  I don't remember how much they cost, but they couldn't have been too expensive, because I'm rather frugal.  I made labels with the label maker and also use a black or silver sharpie.  Silver sharpies are the greatest.  The star sticker tells me that I have a giganto Costco bottle out in the utility room to refill the smaller bottle when it's empty.

I separate the "sweet" spices and keep them together in one area.  The rest are arranged more or less in alphabetical order.  I'm not compulsive about it - a zone kinda arrangement.

A big thanks to Lara the Lazy Organizer for motivating me to post every day this month.  It's been fun.  I've also made a few new organizing friends... Multi-tasking  Mommy, Corrie at Tyler's Triumph and Andrea who is Just About Perfect

It's been fun.  And #31 is done.

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