Sunday, November 04, 2007

Organized Refrigerator

Here's the inside of our refrigerator. It's our "old" refrigerator. A new one is coming on Tuesday. I didn't think to check if my baskets are going to fit. I sure hope they do, because these baskets do a great job of segregating and congregating our condiments.

The basket on the left holds salad dressings. The middle basket is full of jam and jelly. The right basket holds our collection of mustards. YES! We have a basket full of mustards.

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Come back tomorrow for more organization photos.


  1. entire collection of mustards. Remind me not to open up your refrigerator door :P

  2. I love mustard of all kinds! And those baskets look perfect because they are long and skinny. I have to know where you got them. I have containers in my fridge but I wish they were narrower.

  3. They are Rubbermaid. I think they are designed for organizing under sinks. If I remember, I bought them at an Ace Hardware store. I glanced around the Rubbermaid website and saw products similar, but maybe not exact.

    They are very sturdy and useful.

  4. Thanks! I will keep my eye out for them. I'm really surprised I haven't seen them before. I guess I don't get out much these days!