Thursday, November 15, 2007

Organized Budget

Surferman and I have been using an envelope system for budgeting for a few months. When we started I had paper envelopes that I carried around. They always wore out way to quick.

I was doing some decluttering and found this great wallet that I had spent too much money for from Levenger. Keep me away from Levenger's I have no resistance when it comes to the stuff they sell. Stuff no one needs, but I WANT it! Anyway... I refound this great wallet. It has multiple compartments that are great for separating the cash from our different budget categories.

The blue heart is a magnet off my fridge. It covers my monogram.

Under the flap there is a zippered coin pouch.
All change goes to our change jar.
The first section holds my grocery money and receipts.
The next section holds our dining and entertainment money.
The next section holds our blow money.
The last section holds the money for fun and food with Gigi.
The back of the wallet has card holders where I keep club and loyalty cards.

There is a pocket on the outside of the wallet where I keep grocery coupons.

Dave Ramsey would be proud.

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