Sunday, November 04, 2007

The only way to start a week...

I know it's not Saturday, but I like the idea of Lara's Smart Habit Saturday, I just have an awful time of getting a post done on Saturday. I'm going to add it to my Sunday night post that helps me organize my week.

I feel like a habit creating failure. I've managed to set ONE habit and it's pretty silly in the grandness of life.

Habit 7 - Wear earrings daily - HABIT!

I am not abandoning my desired habits, I'm just regrouping and starting over. Here's what I'm working on this week...

Habit 3 - Lights out by 10 pm nightly.

Habit 2 - Drink 3 qts of water daily.

Here's what we're eating this week...

Leftover Chicken and Stuffing - Salad

Enchiladas (freezer) - Salad

4WD Club Meeting - eat at meeting
Grom has cKc - PB&J

Ham and Cheese Strata (freezer) - Salad

Fish and a Movie Night

Date Night with Surferman (Eat out!)

Lunch = Leadership Meeting at church - Making 3 kinds of Chili - Cornbread - Salad
Dinner with my folks

My Commitment to Loveliness wasn't much of a commitment last week.

I'm back with the same tasks this week.
1. Clean out and organize the drawers on Grom's bed.
4. Spiff up guest bathroom.
7. Have a tea party with Grom and Gigi.
8. Pack Surferman's lunch 3 times this week - add love notes.
9. Organize Gigi's bathroom drawers.

As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to go do something off this list. Must... stop... the... procrastination.

101 Things to Do
Still working on #3 - Memorize Psalm 8.
Oh Lord, our Lord. How excellent is your name in all the earth...

I hope to have more next week.

Have a great week!

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  1. the fish and a movie night sounds wonderful!! Have a great Monday and week. Great meal plan.