Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Organized Calvary Kids Club Stuff

If it's Wednesday... it's Calvary Kids Club!

Today I'm showing off one of Lara's Organizing Bags. I bought a sample pack and all I can say is THEY ROCK! I keep finding better and better uses for them.

Grom started Calvary Kids Club this fall. He goes every week. He has stuff that he is supposed to take with him each week to earn beans for his age group. His kids page, his starter book and his Bible all fit easy in a large bag. He loves to carry it, and is happy to show his cKc stuff to anyone who will take the time to listen to him talk about it.

I love the pocket on the organizing bag that is sized perfectly for a business card. I got free family cards made through Vistaprint. I keep a few there and then if I meet someone new at church I can easily share our contact information.

Today's GeMoOrgNo post is a blantant commercial for Organizing Bags. Get your's today. They're great!

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