Thursday, November 08, 2007

Organized Hair Stuff

When in doubt... divide and conquer.

Here are some pictures of my organized hair stuff. I found these great wood bowls at a garage sale. One is filled with elastic bands and the other with clamps. Then in the drawer there are baskets - bobby pins and barrettes.

Everything I need, close at hand.

I'm blogging with the Lazy Organizer every day this month for GeMoOrgNo - Get More Organized Now!

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  1. Wow! You have a lot of hair stuff...I just have 4 clamps, 3 of which are being used as clamshell cranes by my 3 y.o. I'm not sure where they all are....but there is one in a bowl of acorns on the porch.

    I love these organization posts. Great inspiration!

    My first comment on the contest didn't take...I think you may have comment on my blog a LONG time ago, and that's how we "met". Glad you stuck around!

  2. This would be great for me... if I had enough hair to tie up!
    Cutting my hair short had two purposes - it looked good, and I was able to get rid of all that stuff!

    Found you on NaBloPoMo... great post!