Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Organizing Challenge 2010

I participated in Organizing Junkie's Organizing Challenge back in 2007. I came out of the challenge with a beautiful studio / craft room.

Fast forward to today. My beautiful studio has been piled high with office crap stuff. I used to love my studio. It's the room where I get away. It's where I surf the internet. It's where I sew, scrap and bead.

In my opinion, but it doesn't seem like my opinion really matters, it's not a place of mail and bills and other grownup serious stuff. I lost my office space and now I have to deal with it.

I'm entering the Small Space category. My goal is to organize the papers, create a system for keeping up with the papers and keep all the office stuff from bumming my creativity

I hope I'm up for the challenge. Look for some before pictures soon.

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