Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goose Egg

originally posted at my Medifast blog...

Well... it has happened. Welcome to Week 15 where I lost nothing, nada, zilch this week.

My weekly weight loss average has fallen below 4 pounds a week.

I'm having a hard time being 100% OP. I don't go crazy, but bites of this and a little bit of that are sneaking into my mouth. Correction! I'm willfully putting them in my mouth. This isn't something that is happening to me. I am responsible.

I can't quit now. I won't quit now. My head and heart must get back into this. My flesh must die. Pray for me.

My Lenten challenge has started and so far I'm flailing. Today is a new day though and I'm picking myself up and getting back at it.

(as I was reading through one last time - I had a thought about the difference between failing and flailing. One little "l" is the difference and that "l" represents effort and commitment and sticktuitiveness. I want that "l". Maybe that "l" is for loser?)

The challenge itself is straight forward. However, I'm flopping around with origin and purpose of the challenge. I've never been apart of a religion or group of people who observe lent. I understand the thought behind it, but have never applied it to myself. I still don't. My freedom is from Christ and I don't find that He asks such things from us. Instead I'm looking at it as another 40 days.

In any arranged challenge, there is accountability to others - but in this challenge... I guess I'm working through my feelings regarding the idea of Lent, Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross.


My scale is tucked away.
I'm going to drink gallons and tubs of water.
I will only eat food allowed on plan keeping it simple.
I will keep track of every bite.
I'm going to move more than usual.
I'm going to pray often and rely on Him to help me through this rough patch. Pray for me.

My discovery of the week: Chocolate Mint WATER from Metromint. It's spendy but a great treat. No carbs, no sweeteners... just a yummy treat.


  1. Oooh. I didn't know they made Chocolate Mint Water! I had their Spearmint water a bunch when I had some digestive issues and it was really yummy. It is super expensive, but they really do get the flavors right.

    I was thinking about your question previously on how to drink more water. I've gone back to the big water bottle that they give you in the hospital. It's awesome because there is a handle on it and a straw. I think I drink more water when I use a straw, so it might help you. You could also get one of those fun kids straws that have swirls and put it in a big glass. :)

  2. I will be praying for you Robin.

    I as thinking about the water thing too, and I just always keep a bottle in my car or have water at my desk, I like a straw too, or the sport top bottles. Alycia got me a big bottle for Christmas , but it is too hard to use in the car. Like right now I am reaching for water and everything is to go fill up.

  3. I'm praying for you Robin! You have come so far with such awesome results and you WILL succeed because you do DESERVE it!!!!

  4. you are doing amazing robin! and you're definitely an encouragement to me in trying to get to my goal weight. =) praying for you!! =)