Thursday, February 04, 2010

Can't Touch This Lump

originally posted at my Medifast blog...
5.2 pounds this week. Crazy! Wonderful!

I stepped up the exercise activity this week. So far, I'm keeping it simple and fun. I'm doing "Just Dance" on the Wii every day. I try to find someone to dance with me. It's more fun.

Surferman is fun to dance with. He keeps insisting that the game doesn't register for him because he's so tall. And he has some crazy ideas like dancing with his back to the TV.

Grom is fun to dance with. He is so serious and determined to get the moves right. His little body just goes and goes.

Want to come dance?

I'm down 56 pounds and finally have less than 200 pounds to go. 13 weeks in and I'm still at the beginning of a long haul. I have a lot to learn about myself. I'm glad I'll have plenty of time. I pray for wisdom and understanding and perseverance.

I finished my first challenge on the message boards. I came up .4 pounds short of my final goal. When I weighed the next day, I lost the .4 and more, so I'm giving myself my promised reward, a massage.

Oh! and I only got 5 of the 12 comments I was fishing for last week. Can I get 7 more this week?

My discovery of the week: I have been looking forward to getting to my current weight. I thought it was the weight I was at after I had my son. I have a few pairs of jeans waiting to fit. I was thinner back then than I thought. I am going to have to lose some more before I can wear them.


  1. Rock on girl! Way to go! Woohoo! Ok, so now it's time for me to re-get serious about my weight loss journey. I received my new order yesterday and was really hoping for my honey mustard pretzels, but I got BARS instead...Omgoodness...the one I had was YUMMY! I have to fight against the urge to eat like I use too...instead of eating 1 bar, I'd eat 3,4, maybe more!

  2. You are awesome Robin! I am praying for you! If you ever want a dance friend... I am great at making myself look ridiculous while dancing (but you knew that already!)!!