Thursday, February 25, 2010

I didn't weigh today.

originally posted at my Medifast blog...

photo by tanakawho

I decided not to weigh. It probably wasn't going to be good news and I didn't want to deal with the discouragement. It's silly, but this way I'm still at almost 60 pounds. And... if I want to keep thinking that, I need to get back at it.

I'm not going crazy with food, but I'm having trouble staying on plan.

I decide that I'm going to stay on plan, do a good job most of the day and then something just snaps and I screw up.

I'm finding there are foods that I just can't have around. I'm going to purge my house. My family can deal with it until I'm stronger.

I'm not spending enough time with the Lord and communication with my husband has been spotty. I'm sure these relationship problems are part of my recent struggles with my diet.

I actually processed all of this as I wrote a Medifast friend. We started at the same time and weighed exactly the same. She knows the boat I'm rowing and how wide the river is. I'm really glad she messaged me today and prompted me to think about all of this.

So... you can pray for me...
time with the Lord
communication and closeness with my husband
that I'd turn to those who love me instead of food in times of trouble.

WOW! a bit of a breakthrough! I think it's my discovery of the week.

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