Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daybook February 23, 2010

FOR TODAY... Tuesday February 23, 2010

Outside my window... It's gray and getting overcast. It's starting to rain. Rain is in the forecast for the next 2 days.

I am thinking... I need to renew some library books. Good thing I can do it online.

I am hearing... The Office. I'm watching it while I blog. I'm on season 2.

I am thankful for... big coffee cups from Starbucks... even better if they are orange or have orange on them.

I am wearing... blue jeans, dusty pink long sleeved tee, trainers. I'm cold and should go get a sweatshirt.

I am remembering... the pile of Hawaiian shirts on our bed. One of Surferman's friends gave him a bunch of clothes that are his size. Tonight we'll go through them, save the best and eBay the rest.

I am going... to buy new trainers. My old ones have had it. Where do you buy your sneakers? Online or local?

I am reading... The Christmas Quilt. I'm ready to be done. I think I'll finish it this week. It's one of those books that is frustrating if you read a lot of an author. It is full of story from other books, so most of it seems like rehash. I have a new Neta Jackson book waiting for me at the library.

I am hoping... dinner comes together quickly tonight. The kitchen and dining room are kind of a mess right now.

On my mind... kitchens, bathrooms and closets.

From the learning rooms... Grom has been out of school the past two days. I'm afraid he'll have trouble with the letter U for the rest of his life. We've been reading a lot and got some worksheets from his teacher.

Vocabulary word of the week...

Meaning:Able to hold much
Looks Like:Spacious;Capacity → The ability to hold
Sounds Like:Ca(California)_spacious → California_spacious
Imagine This:California is a spacious state
Other Forms:Capaciously (adverb)

Noticing that... my desk is a super mess. It's on my hit list for tonight.

Pondering these words..."Hard doesn't mean impossible"

From the kitchen... Orange Asian Chicken and Potstickers. I don't feel much like cooking.

Around the house... my laundry problem has gotten much better. Surferman has taken over. YAY! Surferman! YAY!

One of my favorite things... Bare Escentuals makeup. It makes my face feel so nice and actually helps my skin be clearer. They just came out with liner pencils. They are the bomb.

A picture to share...

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