Monday, February 01, 2010

Daybook February 1, 2010

FOR TODAY... Monday February 1, 2010 (can you believe it's February already?)

Outside my's kinda grey. It's been a blah day for me... weather wise and emotionally.

I am thinking... there are lots of things I could/should be doing tonight instead of blogging and watching Chuck.

I am hearing... the click, click of the keys on my laptop. I like the sound.

I am thankful for... time spent reading with Grom.

I am wearing... a grey sweatsuit that I bought when I was pregnant with Grom. I don't think it's flattering, but it's really comfortable. By the way, it's not maternity.

I am remembering... the great books Grom and I read together when we were doing Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row. We read a few of them tonight and looked at the Fold and Learns that we made when we rowed the books. It was a lot of fun. Makes me think of homeschooling.

I am going... to go get a pickle and some pudding. I'm either pregnant or dieting... oh wait... I'm dieting.

I am reading... Christmas Quilt, Sheet Music (from weeks past) and I added a new one... Apples of Gold by Lisa Samson. It's always best to start a new book when you're not getting through the ones you're already reading. sigh.

I am hoping... Surferman enjoys the movie I got him from the Redbox. It's free Monday. If you don't get a code, you should. Who doesn't like free movies? It's some SciFi thing with Bruce Willis.

On my mind... lettuce... specifically planting a lettuce garden. Grom and I tried growing lettuce a couple of years ago but blasted snails ate all the sprouts. It's was discouraging. So I'm looking into safe snail abatement, lettuces that a good to grow in containers and that have short growing seasons and are organic. I could look at seed catalogs all day long. Did you know there are 9 different zucchinis that you can buy seeds for?

From the learning rooms... Today was Grom's 100th day of kindergarten. We've been all about the number 100. He counted 100 of those pink and white animal cookies to take to school. And when I took the privilege of eating food in my car away from him for 2 weeks, he quickly told me that 100 weeks would have been better. He shouldn't tempt me.

Vocabulary word of the week...
Abate (Verb)
Meaning:To decrease; diminish; put an end to
Sounds Like:A bait
Imagine This:Worms are used as bait in fishing.After the bait is cast into the river, the bait usually decreases in size because some fish have nibbled on it. Frequently, the bait disappears in a short time.
Noticing that... I feel grumpy. "Nothing" is going right. I get frustrated easily and my temper is short with Grom. I pray this doesn't last long. I think it's one of those cyclical things.

Pondering these words...
Better to dwell in the wilderness, Than with a contentious and angry woman. Proverbs 21:19 NKJV

Lord, keep my family from wanting to escape to the wilderness.
From the kitchen... I made a pumpkin dessert last night for a Helping Hands meal this week. Grom is a pumpkin eater so it should make him happy too. Me... I've been eating lots of cottage cheese.

Around the house... talk of remodeling. Hair brained ideas of enlarging the kitchen, putting a shower in Surferman and mine's room and moving Grom across the house. It's time to do some sketching so we can get an estimate.

One of my favorite things... Extra Berry Pearadise gum. It's sugar free and very tasty. I just bought 2 cases from Amazon because I've been having trouble finding it locally. You should try some.

A picture to share...
Grom is growing into his nickname. It makes Surferman happy.

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