Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Fave Five

1. Pasta and Meatballs - This is quickly becoming a go to meal for potlucks and Helping Hands meals. It's really easy. It's really yummy. And frugal. I use Party Meatballs (a little smaller) from Trader Joe's and sauce and pasta bought on sale. I add a can of cut tomatoes for that something that makes people think it was more work than it was. Some Parmesan cheese on top and you're ready to go. I took it to dinner before Bible Study this week.

2. New Socks - I've been wearing new socks this week. Love them. They are so white and soft and fit perfectly. I wonder why I don't buy new socks more often. And best of all... they match!

3. Forts - We haven't had a lot of rain this week, but still things are all wet outside. Indoor forts are the perfect activity for such climate. Grab a few tablecloths, a few clothes pins, a few clothes bins (Grom misunderstood me and brought in all of our laundry baskets) and a couple of chairs and you're good to go. Throw in a snack of multi-colored goldfishies and you're the best mom ever... at least for a little while.

4. LOST - Unless you live under a rock or don't have cable, you know that the final season of Lost started this last week. I love where they are going and it feels like we are starting to get some answers while they keep my head spinning.

5. Inventions - I found this cool website, Think! a while ago. Grom was too young at the time for any of their projects. He's not anymore. I gathered up a bunch of stuff, essentially garbage, and let him go. He made Wall-E's eyes from some TP rolls, Popsicle sticks, paper cups and a bunch of tape. I showed him some of the challenges from the blog and he wants to start giving them a go. It's fun to watch his creativity. He wants to try to make a fishing pole next.

It was a great week! Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. What were you're favorite things this week?

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