Thursday, February 05, 2009

Recipe Box Swap - Fun Foods

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Randi at "I have to say..." hosts a monthly recipe swap. I'm joining in this month. Here's how she describes February's theme....
This month's theme is "Fun Foods". You know those foods, you don't make often, but they are staples in your family's menu just because they are fun. Fun foods are usually sticky, salty, sugary or fattening, and we all love them!
Bop over to her blog for more Fun Food recipes. Here's mine...

I've posted these before, but they really fit the bill for Fun Food.

Robin's Top Secret World's Best Brownies

1 box brownie mix - the cheapest box on the shelf, tastes best if bought on sale
ingredients for above box of brownies

1 can chocolate frosting

Follow the directions on the brownie mix package. Bake the brownies as directed for the shortest time recommended. Set a timer and do not let them cook a moment more.

While the brownies are still hot... Microwave the can of frosting in 30 second bursts until the frosting is smooth and melted. Usually about 1 minute.

Pour half of the frosting onto the warm brownies. Tilt the pan to cover the corners and edges with frosting.

Let cool before serving.

Ooey, Gooey, Yummy.


  1. Yep, you would eat the frogs you gig! Not me though! Nooooo way! *ick* I went in high school with the boys. Doubt I could handle going these days. *double ick*


  2. Umm yeah! If it wasn't after 11:00 pm here, I'd be making brownies right about now! Seriously yummy!!

  3. These look SOOOO good! I fed many a high school boy with those boxed brownies -- if only I'd had that frosting recipe. Thanks for posting!