Saturday, February 28, 2009

My kid cracks me up

Grom used to have a "switch" on his back that would change him from being a boy to being a dog.

As he's 4 1/2 now (which is much different than just 4), the switch has been improved. More choices, but still no volume control. Can a mom hope for that in the 5 model?

Anyway... now the switch can change him from boy to dog to train to robot.

Grom was in robot mode the other day when I asked him to go potty before we left the house. He called me to the bathroom. I found him standing in front of the toilet, aiming but not peeing. Grom requested my help to get the "old oil" out. He pointed out a spot on his side where I need to "turn to open the valve". As I tickled his side, the pee started flowing. I told him to pull up his pants so we could get going.

He told me I'd better close that valve first.... we wouldn't want it leaking later.

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