Monday, February 02, 2009

Daybook February 2, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday February 2, 2009

Outside My Window... I just had to roll down our shade as the setting sun was searing my eyes.

I am thinking... about friends and babies and friends and no babies and friends and...

I am thankful for... Surferman. He rocks!

From the kitchen... Pizza tonight. And asparagus. I love asparagus.

From the schoolroom... Grom and I need to finish rowing "If Jesus Came to My House" this week.

I am wearing... black pants, grey t-shirt (with sparkles none the less), croc flip flops

I am creating... Surferman's Valentine's Present.

I am going... well, we're going to Las Vegas next week to spend some time with Surferman's family. I'm excited to see his family, excited to see friends, not so excited to deal with the worldliness of Las Vegas.

I am reading... Round Robin and Shepherding Your Childs Heart... still.

I am hoping... that I'll make the most of my time. That Surferman and I will be able to stick with our TV fast until 2/15.

I am hearing... 4 1/2 year old car noises from one room and "smooth jazz" (I'll always think of it as old people music) from the front room where my folks are playing a game.

Around the house... Surferman turned in a job application today. It's not super promising, but it's a job. Please pray for God's will.

One of my favorite things... wearing flip flops in February.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get the office cleaned out, get the laundry caught up, serve Surferman, play with Grom, have fun.

Here is picture I am sharing... my latest bento purchases.
I really restrained myself. A new 2 tiered box with straps. A replacement strap for a box I had. Cute fruit themed sauce cups. Heart and Star hard boiled egg molds. I smile thinking about them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Daybook! I love asparagus too!

    Cheers from Nebraska! :)