Monday, February 09, 2009

Daybook February 9, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday February 9, 2009

Outside My Window... It was showering just a minute ago, but now the sun is shining.

I am thinking... about what a nightmare this Stimulus Package is going to turn into. It grows by the second. Everyone has their hand out and nobody is going to get screwed except you and I. It's insane.

I am thankful for... rain. We need it so bad.

From the kitchen... Soup for dinner tonight... a tomato based clam chowder.

From the school room... We've been having fun making Valentine's and doing workbooks. We'll be starting FIAR next week. Along those lines... I received an email from a gal with Homeschoolshare and she asked for some files I made for one of the books we studied. Homeschoolshare has been a tremendous resource and I feel honored to be able to give something back.

I am wearing... black pants, black shoes, and purple-blue longsleeved top.

I am creating... I just finished a few projects. I'll be posting about them soon. It's been nice to be creating things again. I'm looking for a project to do tonight with the girls. I've also been blogging a lot - another creative outlet for me.

I am going... to have to put a bunch of fabric away. I had a crazy idea and pulled boxes and boxes and piles and piles of fabric scraps out of the storage shed. I regained lucidity and now I have to put it all back.

I am reading... finishing Round Robin. I have a Lisa Samson book from the library, but think I should catch up on my daily Bible Reading before get that one going.

I am hoping... that we have a great time in Las Vegas. That we can relax and enjoy our stay and Surferman's family. That the drive would be fun and short.

I am hearing... drums. What in the world is Surferman watching on TV?

Around the house... preparations for going out of town... lots of laundry to do, packing, getting the car ready and the iPod loaded. I'm thinking about borrowing a DVD player for the car, but am hesistant to start anything. Thoughts?

One of my favorite things... tropical flowers. Surferman and I had a Hawaiian themed wedding. All of our guest received carnation leis at the door and the flower arrangements were amazing creations filled with ginger, anthuriums, orchids and protea.

Tropical Bucket, originally uploaded by Rosa Say.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: laundry, pack, drive, time with family, time with friends, a Children's Museum, 30-day challenge, time with family, drive, unpack, laundry. Why does it always seem to start and end with laundry?

Here is picture I am sharing... Love is in the air (or actually in the sand)!

Heart in the Sand, originally uploaded by anitakhart.

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