Sunday, February 10, 2008

From Frumpy to Fabulous in just under 3 weeks

I'm ready to be fabulous - inside and out.  

I enjoy the blogging Emma does at Charming the Birds from the Trees.  She encourages me in my role of wife and homemaker.

She's transforming herself from frumpy to fabulous in the next three weeks and I've decided to join her in the adventure.  I'm jumping in a little late - today is day three.  Fortunately I think I can catch up.

Day 1 - Prayer

I used to write the things and people I was praying for in my brain book.  I never liked my last brain and we never had the relationship I have had with other books.  Silly, I know.  I abandoned that book last week and have a new one.  So far we are getting along great.  I have a section dedicated to prayer.  I'm going to pray through that section every morning.

Day 2 - Water

I bought one of those water bottles with a straw in it for my desk at work.  I plan to fill it up when I get to work in the morning and finish it off before I leave.  It's 4 cups.  Another in the afternoon and a third between dinner and bed and I'm more than set.

I like to add Alacer Electro Mix to my water.  It makes it tasty and helps to hydrate me.  A splash of juice also helps the water go down.

Day 3 - Skin

I was doing great at washing my face.  I know that nightly washing keeps my skin clear.  I have the supplies.  Just need to do it.  Put on lotion after showering is also a must do for me.

I wonder what's in store for day 4?

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