Thursday, February 21, 2008

Waiting for the Peloton

The Tour of California is racing in front of my house today. I'm waiting for the Peleton (don't I sound smart?), the big group of riders.  The weather is ugly today.  I feel bad for the guys as they ride over 100 miles in such crummy weather.  

I'm not a bike rider, but this race makes me so happy.  It's the third year it has coursed right by our house.  Last year Grom napped through it.  This year he's waiting eagerly for the bikes.  We're watching the live coverage on the computer and looking at the familiar landscape trying to figure out exactly where they are.  Grom keeps looking out the window and then at the computer and saying, "The bikes are almost here" - for the last hour plus.  

So while we sit and wait - we had some fun with letters.

Pewter Uppercase Letter M Y
P U R Pewter Uppercase Letter S U I T

Pastry Cutter O Pastry Cutter F . full stop One
To make your own letter collage, check out this fun website.  About half way down there is a link that says "entry form" where you can make your own words.

Edited to add...
The bikes finally showed up.  I tried to video the Peleton to share on my blog, but it didn't translate well.  My joy is missing from the footage.  It makes me smile to see them.  Can't explain it.  It's just so cool to see them pass the house.

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