Monday, February 11, 2008

GeMoOrgNo - Kids Clothes

GeMoOrgNo (Get More Organized Now) was a challenge I participated in last November. I blogged about something organized everyday. It was a great challenge and I had a lot of fun. I have more ideas that I want to share.

Grom sometimes wants to dress himself. I set up this closet organizer (under $10 at Ikea) with clothes for a day. Each cubby has everything he needs - bottoms, top, tighty whiteys, socks. All Grom has to find is shoes. Rain Boots or Crocs go with anything right?

The top cubby holds "Dirty Boy Clothes" or play clothes. Grom thinks it's going to be a great day when I let him wear clothes from this bin. He's probably right. Both he and Surferman have "Dirty Boy Clothes" and something dirty always happens in them.

Don't laugh at my art work. I needed a way for Grom to see if the cubby holds shorts or long pants.

When laundry is done, I reload the cubbies. It's been helpful for Surferman too. Before I thought Grom should have a hat that read "My Daddy dressed me".


  1. Way too much work for me! You go girl! E can get dressed by himself, but if I really want to make it easy for me (um, I mean him) I guess I should take everything out of the closet and put it in his drawers for easier accessibility. (yes, I hang up all of his clothes except his big-boy-underwear and socks)

  2. I found your site through the orgjunkie, just wanted to say hi and that I really like the orange design of your blog :)