Thursday, January 21, 2010

When it gets emotional...

originally posted at my Medifast blog
Week 11

Down 1.2 lbs 48.4 lbs total

It's funny how I'm very content with a just over one pound weight loss this week when I was almost suicidal with a three pound loss a couple of weeks ago.

With my huge loss last week, I didn't expect another big number. I'm fine with it. The weight will come off.

For no obvious reason, today was very emotional. All I wanted to do was eat. I wish I could say that I stayed 100%. It wasn't a full blown binge, but I was out of control to a degree.

I need to figure this out.

The emotions: boredom, stress, failure, apprehension.

boredom - there was no plan for this afternoon. I got home from church (I work at our church) and did nothing (or not much).

stress - I have a lot to do at church tomorrow, and we are going out of town tomorrow night.

failure - I didn't get a couple of things done today at church that I should've gotten to. I forgot. I hate forgetting. I hate letting people down.

apprehension - Going out of town introduces a lot of unknowns, especially when you're doing something like Medifast. Where we live is not too crowded, it's beautiful and life seems to move a little slower. Surferman jokes about living in a bubble. It's always hard to leave the bubble.

As I write it all down, it becomes clear... NO PLAN = NO SUCCESS!

I need to keep my to do lists and my calendars near. I need to work my to do lists. I'm too busy to be bored. I need to use my lists to plan for our time out of town... if it's written down, I can't forget something. I will be prepared.

Tomorrow will be a different day. There will be a plan.


  1. You know what, yesterday I was feeling kinda tense and wanted to eat,eat, was later in the evening when I realized and voiced to Sean that I was stress out about making sure Simon get's enough to drink during the day. It helped to share my concern and I didn't just eat,eat,eat:)
    Keep up all the hard work and enjoy this weekend:)

  2. Hey Robin - your blog is inspiring. I'm just getting started on the program (almost week 3) and so far, so good. But I know there will be challenges and I'll need support and inspiration!