Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Daybook January 4, 2010

FOR TODAY... Monday January 4, 2010

Outside my window... it's dark now, but it was a beautiful day.

I am thinking... about a woman I know who is hurting in her marriage. I sent her an email yesterday. I didn't hear back. I pray, but she needs something else too. How do I connect?

I am hearing... my bead charm bracelet making noise against the deck of my computer. I don't like the noise, but I like wearing the bracelet.

I am thankful for... my new kid. His behavior is really coming along. I like it.

I am wearing... navy pants, pink tee shirt, trainers

I am remembering... how good it feels to cross things off my to do list.

I am going... to give myself a manicure tomorrow. My polish is peeling off. yuck.

I am reading... "Have a New Kid by Friday" by Kevin Leman. So much common sense that wasn't so common in our home. I also started a new daily Bible Reading Plan. I'm 5 days in.

I am hoping... to make some plans for the weekend and not just let the weekend happen and pass by.

On my mind... hospitality, travel and cheese.

From the learning rooms... books about cake. School restarted today.

Noticing that... my feet seem to have lost weight. Some of my shoes fit looser. I wish more of my jeans fit looser.

Pondering these words... "We need to make a rule..." Why do we think that stated words will change someones behavior?

From the kitchen... I've been playing "Useitup". I got 23.5 points today. We had leftovers enchiladas from the freezer, leftover chili from the freezer and last nights dinner and talked someone into finishing off a bottle of salad dressing. (If you're wondering, I make up the points for fun. The only prize at the end of "Useitup" is a nice empty freezerpantryfridge.

Around the house... this little piggy goes Wii, Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home. We moved the Wii to our TV room and have been having fun playing it. We only have one controller (it's kinda a drag). Anyone know if the aftermarket controllers are any good or do I need to save my pennies for a Nintendo. I really hoping to use it to move my body more and get some exercise. I ordered the Biggest Loser game tonight. I think I might have just referred to myself as a little pig... snort.

One of my favorite things... having Grom at church with me (for short periods of time) when I'm working.

A picture to share...Grom was almost 2. He's on Surferman's back and we're were walking around Yellowstone Park.

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