Thursday, January 14, 2010


originally posted at my Medifast blog

Week 10

Just because I'm really good at math (and the x10s are really easy) I figured out that this is day 70 for me. I stopped counting the days a while ago. I realized a few weeks ago that it was time to settle in for the long haul.

Even though I've lost 47 pounds, I still have over 200 pounds to go. It could be daunting. I could give up. But I won't. I'm not sure why I'm so confidant, but I am. This is my season to lose weight and get healthy. I'm going to do this.

Anyways, I love Thursdays. The week is drawing to an end and the weekend is on it's way. I also get to do my official weight for the week.

I always wear the same pajamas to bed on Wednesday night. I wake up and head to the bathroom. After I pee, I step on the scale and wait.

I blogged earlier about my crazy Biggest Loser scale that takes forever to settle on the true weight. It used to drive me crazy. Now I know that if I stand super still, count to 7 and look down (which isn't super easy - I have a lot of me to look around) that the weight should be locked in or locking in soon.

I intently remember the number - chanting it in my head all the way to my studio and my computer. I can't seem to remember what my weight was last week. I have an idea of what it was, but don't know how much I actually lost until I enter it at the Medifast website.

Today it was 6 pounds! Total 47.2 pounds.

And then my day starts. Today it started VERY happy.


  1. i've said it before, but you are a stud, robin!

    i love your blog :)