Monday, January 25, 2010

Daybook January 25, 2010

FOR TODAY... Monday January 25, 2010

Outside my window... a big green monster. Seriously... it's dark again.

I am thinking... about teeth. I'm helping at Grom's school tomorrow during the dental screening. I also need to get Grom to a dentist. He went once when he was 3 but he wouldn't open his mouth. He brushes well, so it hasn't been a high priority. It's time now. The dentist should look at them before they start falling out.

I am hearing... the fan on my space heater whirling gently. Our house is cold, but now my studio is toasty warm.

I am thankful for... dill pickles. Low calorie and very satisfying. Helpful when you think about food a lot.

I am wearing... black capris, red 3/4 tee shirt, black socks and trainers. I changed after dinner before doing a little exercise with the Wii.

I am remembering... that Surferman and I need to sit down with a calendar and get some plans firmed up.

I am going... to get a lot done tomorrow. (A girl can hope).

I am reading... same books as last week.

I am hoping... my studio will be clean and organized by Sunday. It's time.

On my mind... food. I'm not hungry. I'm just thinking about food a lot.

From the learning rooms... We've been slacking with reading. Need to step it up this week. It's also time to pick a new topic, or we might start The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It's Q week at school. Can you think of any Q words that can be drawn?

Noticing that... my jackets are fitting looser across my tummy. It's about the only way I've noticed that I've lost weight.

Pondering these words...
The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless. Billy Graham
From the kitchen... I bought 3 heads of cauliflower. They were $.98 each at Foods for Less. Whatever we're having, it'll probably be served with cauliflower.

Around the house... crazy dancing with my Mom. I got Just Dance for the Wii.

One of my favorite things... shopping for earrings on Etsy. Especially from Meredith Fenwick.

A picture to share...
A mushroom farmer at Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. The Lions Mane mushrooms were very interesting. They looked soft and fuzzy.

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  1. Here are some printouts that have a bunch of Q words on it.