Monday, January 18, 2010

Daybook January 18, 2010

FOR TODAY... Monday January 18, 2010

Outside my window... right now it's dry, but we are expecting rain the rest of the week.

I am thinking... about rain. We had rain this morning and early afternoon, but since then it's kinda petered out. The forecast shows rain for the rest of the week. Bring it on!

I am hearing... laugh track on the TV

I am thankful for... a roof over my head and a home that isn't leaking or collapsing or destroyed and for family close by during the storms.

I am wearing... a grey "track suit" with light turquoise blue tee and trainers. I'm very comfy.

I am remembering... that I get a night away with Surferman tomorrow night. Yippee!

I am going... to celebrate Christmas with my Uncles and Aunts and Cousins this weekend. It's always fun when we are able to get together. We'll have our annual gift exchange. I have one gift already. I need another. Any ideas? $50 range.

I am reading... the same books from last week - The Christmas Quilt and Sheet Music.

I am hoping... that tomorrow evening is unifying, relaxing and fun. We are hoping to finally finish our Family Mission Statement. I hope Grom is good for his grandparents.

On my mind... Haiti.

From the learning rooms... Cookies still. It's "p" week at school.

Noticing that... my fingernails are as long as I can remember them ever being. I need a manicure. I have to find a new nail salon. I had been going to the same place since before Grom was born, but they don't seem to care about my business so I'm moving on.

Pondering these words... actually this word... rest.

From the kitchen... Grom wants cherry cupcakes to take to school to celebrate his 5 1/2 birthday on Friday. The things a Mommy will do for her boy with a summer birthday. I bought vanilla cake mix from Trader Joe's and plan to stir in some dried cherries and then dust with powdered sugar. See any reason why that wouldn't work?

Around the house... I'm trying to develop the habit of putting my things away (in the same place) when I first get home. The problem is that I usually am rushing to a bathroom, so I throw my purse and backpack down wherever on the way.

One of my favorite things... the smell of a freshly washed fluffy towel.

A picture to share...
The buddies enjoying a cappuccino at Starbucks. Just kidding, they shared a juice.

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