Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This is Better - Week 3

originally posted on 11/25/09 at my Medifast blog

4.2 lbs gone! 17 lbs total!

I paid more attention to drinking water. I now start my day with one of those big plastic "summer" cups full of water. After it's down, I move on to breakfast. I've also been drinking more tea. Caffeine is an issue for me. I try to avoid it. I found a nice vanilla red tea (rooibos) that has no caffeine. It's really yummy.

I've been moving more just because I have more energy. It seems to be a busy season in my life right now, so the thought of purposefully making exercise happen is a bit overwhelming. I'm going to keep looking for ways to move more in my daily routine. Walks will come soon enough.

I weighed a day early this week, because we are traveling today for Thanksgiving and I didn't want to haul the scale along. I'm going to stay on plan. I made zucchini squash to take as my contribution to the feast. Add some turkey and my lean & green is good to go. I have a bag packed with my favorites - hot cocoa, puffs, pretzels, shakes and a couple of bars. I know I can do this. So can you... weight loss is so much better than pumpkin pie.

Oh... and tomorrow is my birthday! I've given myself the best present ever... the pursuit of health.

My discovery of the week: mini Babybel light cheese. One is a very portable and satisfying snack. I love removing the wax cover. I'm a little confused about how they count... actually the condiment, fat, healthy fat stuff kinda elludes me. But I believe they count as a fat.

Pray for me.

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  1. Fyi, rooibos herbal tea naturally has no caffeine. Any kind of rooibos you get should not have caffeine in it.