Monday, December 07, 2009

gratitude community - december 7

holy experience

Some of these are a bit old, but I'm thankful for these things regardless.

82. A done (yep done!) to do list. This was from a foray into a pretty to do list. I'm back to my brain book and autofocus.

83. Grom has discovered that letters make words. He hasn't figured out that spaces in the letters need to come at very certain places, but he's writing. Here's a Bible verse from Kids Club that he wrote out. If you read carefully, you'll find John 1:1.

84. Colorful trees a picture of God's majesty.

85. Did you know that the beautiful colors in the leaves are there all the time? It just takes fall for the leaves to lose the green and reveal the other colors. It reminds me of the way God refines us. If the green represents ME, prayerfully it is dying away and fading to reveal the hidden qualities that please my Lord. Maybe a gentle and quiet spirit?

86. I hope me as a tree would have orange leaves.

87. A wonderful Thanksgiving with close and extended family that wasn't about food.

88. Coffee at Starbucks. I'm always grateful for a good cup of coffee.

87. Grom and a Girlie. He loves his cousins. And they think he's pretty cool too.

88. A fun day of riding public transportation (BART and Muni) with a boy who in enthralled by trains and how things work.

89. Wondering if we'll see fishes when we travel under San Francisco Bay.

90. Going into The City for Black Friday.

91. Watching the shoppers rush home with their packages.

92. Visiting... not living... in San Franciso. It's good to go home.

93. Pastor Jack and his wife Jinell. (We don't belong to some weird cult where we all dress the same. It just happens to them every now and then.) We love to go to their home for dinner.

94. This precious little guy is home. He has more tests, surgery and other yucky things ahead. For now Simon is home and we rejoince. Pray for his healing.

95. A chair full of boys. Lord let them all become men after your own heart.

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