Thursday, December 24, 2009

My scale went crazy - Week 7

originally posted at my Medifast blog

I bought a new scale back in October because my old scale couldn't handle how much I weighed.

Every time I jumped on it, it just said, "Err"

Err... why did you eat that bowl of ice cream last night?
Err... what are you going to do about this?
Err... get off already... you weigh too much.

I got rid of that scale at a garage sale last month. I bought a new one. It's Biggest Loser brand and I swear it does that crazy all over the place weighing just like the show.

I go to bed every Wednesday night anticipating waking up and weighing. Because it fluctuates so much, it's easiest and works best if I just look straight ahead. Surferman usually reads the weight for me.

Today he told me 375.5 pounds. If you're following my progress you'd know that would've been 11 some pounds this week. After I caught my breath, I told him we needed to do it again... 377.8 lbs. I weighed again and it said 389.5 (which would've been a gain). Ridiculous.

Surferman being the fixer he is, set out to figure out what was wrong with the scale. He cleaned the feet. He changed the battery. He bounced on the floor to see if he could feel a soft spot. Finally he declared it in proper working order after getting two consistent weights for himself.

I got on. It wasn't 11 pounds.
But it was 4.2 pounds!
35.2 pounds total.
I am very pleased.

I also realized today that I should have kept that other scale. It wouldn't be... err... complaining anymore.

My discovery of the week: It's possible to go to Disneyland and stay on plan. They sell dill pickles near the Jungle Cruise, and you can get a great salad in Tomorrowland. And of course you get to walk a bunch. Drinking water is the biggest problem because it's much better standing in line for a ride than a bathroom.


  1. Celebrating with you! yay!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Alycia gave me a water bottle and new workout shoes for Christmas! You have inspired me to start being less of me! Thank you!

  3. Awesome!! Congratulations...