Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dear Fast Food,

originally posted on 10/15/09 at "Less Robin"

1. Not available, 2. 11/365 - Taco Bell is a fickle mistress., 3. Jack in the box 2, 4. Burger King, 5. Carl's Jr., 6. Amye and Mark got KFC

Dear Fast Food,

We're through.

Ours has always been an unhealthy relationship. I turn to you when I'm busy, when I'm alone and when I'm stressed. You don't satisfy me. You don't nourish me. You make me sick.

I love myself and my family too much.

Don't call. I won't answer.



  1. I was just thinking yesterday as I was finishing off my small fries and chicken tenders from McD's that i wasn't satisfied and wanted MORE and if it was accessible I would have eaten it. Why is that?!?!