Monday, December 14, 2009

Daybook December 14, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday December 14, 2009

Outside my window... it's getting to be dusk. I'm at gymnastics with Grom.

I am thinking... about Simon and his family and their trip to Boston for yet another surgery. Lord protect them, heal him, bless them.

I am hearing... the thud thud of girls jumping on a trampoline.

I am thankful for... this season when we celebrate the birth of my Savior.

I am wearing... black pants, sage green top, black shoes... boring. We were in the middle of a laundry back up this morning. I was running late and I just grabbed whatever.

I am remembering... that I need to stop and get some cough syrup. Both Surferman and Grom have a pretty nasty cough. It gets worse at night.

I am going... to Disneyland next Monday. Surferman's family is in California for Christmas so they decided a trip to see the mouse was in order. We are tagging along. I'm afraid it will be one of the busiest days of the year.

I am reading... I finally finished that last book. I have the next Elm Creek Quilters book from the library. I think I'll try to rip through it quick.

I am hoping... we have a great visit with Surferman's mom and step-dad. They arrive on Thursday.

On my mind... coffee. I haven't been drinking as much coffee as I'd like. I had planned to get a cup at Starbucks before gymnastics, but we didn't have enough time. I may have to stop and buy one for the way home. I miss my coffee.

From the learning rooms... we are reading books about Christmas. It's a marvelous "m" week at school. Hmmm... Mickey Mouse. Now we only have to come up with 5 or so more M words.

Noticing that... Grom is almost ready for a haircut and Surferman is overdue.

Pondering these words... "Are you listening? Are YOU listening? ARE YOU LISTENING?" Grom doesn't listen and I end up screaming. It's not attractive and I'm frustrated with both of us.

From the kitchen... lots of yummy food from the freezer. My sister and her husband are out of town this week. They left the girlies with us. I'm trying to keep dinner simple.

Around the house... presents to be wrapped, piles of stuff everywhere and a miserable Surferman.

A few plans for this week... I'm teaching at Kids Club on Wednesday. On Thursday, Surferman's parents arrive and we have Grom's school concert. The Kinders are singing. Friday night we have the High Schoolers stopping by for appetizers for their progressive dinner. Sunday we leave for SoCal. Disneyland on Monday!

One of my favorite things... Sparkling water with lime. I can drink it all day long. It gives me great belches... excuse me.

A picture to share...
from our last trip to Disney in September '08.

How you can pray for me and mine... that illness would leave our home (and stay away).... that Grom would listen better and that I wouldn't yell... that everything that needs to be done for Christmas would get done... that we would be patient and full of grace with each other.

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