Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Nest - Update #1

I had a huge list of things to do this morning before Surferman came home from (wait for it...) surfing. I was clicking through my list (well, I had checked off at least a couple of things), when my sister dropped by. She was a distraction, but it was a great visit. She didn't leave until after Surferman got home.

Surferman was single-minded. We were going to get my room cleared and painted today - ready or not.

The mess was relocated to our family room. Fortunately I had some boxes and was able to group similar items as I was packing them up. I'll sort through it all and organize it before it goes back into the room.

Two coats of paint later and it's ready for Surferman to clean the carpets tomorrow after church.

The furniture goes back as soon as the carpet is dry.

We painted the inside of the closet so I'm not going to put the closet doors back up. I have plastic drawers and a dresser that have lived in the closet. The closet doors make it difficult to use the drawers and dresser. To conceal the stuff and to add color to my space, I think I'll put up a curtain.

Here are some pictures of the mess progress.

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  1. Painting and! Happy sorting :)