Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let's Get Real Monday - The Outfit

Randi at I have to say... has chosen "The Outfit" as the topic of Let's Get Real Monday.
You know the one. It hangs in the back of the closet or maybe it lies in state in a photograph. You always loved it, but everyone around you hated it.
A beloved dress jumped into my remembrance.

During High School I was quite the seamstress. I worked at a fabric store and most everything I wore was a hand crafted creation. It was the days of big white t-shirt with big black letters on them. Like Wham!'s "Choose Life". I had one the said "Material Girl". It had nothing to do with a love of stuff or Madonna, but instead, my passion for textiles.

My best dresses were made from a sleeveless dress pattern that I used over and over. The bodice was fitted to the gathered waist. It was simple to make, modest and quick.

"The Outfit" was created from a china blue decorator fabric that had LARGE peach chrysanthemum flowers and leaves. Almost like this. I wore it with the cheapest huarache sandals. I bargained for them on a trip to Mexico. Even though they were falling apart from day one, I wore them for years. I probably looked like a VonTrapp child after the drapes had been attacked, but I thought I was all that when I wore that dress.

The dress wouldn't fit right now. It's not hanging in my closet. I don't know where it is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned up packed away in a box of memories.

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  1. I could wear a Material Girl shirt now, for the love of fabric, of course! My daughter (age 16) makes almost all of her clothes too. She is quite stylish and creative--much more than I was at her age!