Monday, April 02, 2007

9. What is my plan of action?

  • Get Supplies - I think I already have most everything that I'll need for long term storage and organization of my space. I need to get some boxes for sorting and storage during painting. i would like one more shelf on the wall about my work area. The shelves that are currently up are recycled and grungy. If I can find a decent price, I might replace all of them. I also need to decide on the paint color for the walls. I love orange. I have orange and green baskets and most of the furnishings are white. I'm toying between white white, gold, or a coffee color.
  • Divide, Conquer and Declutter - Starting at the door, I'm going to start sorting, grouping and decluttering. Some things will need new homes. Some things will be ebayed or sold at a garage sale. I will try to deal with things as I encounter them without stopping my project.
  • Clear it All Out - To prepare for painting, everything needs to be cleared out.
  • Paint - Surferman will help me paint one weekend this month.
  • Bring Some of it Back - At this point, all of the furniture will return to the room. My plan is to pare down and only bring back necessary stuff.
  • Window Treatments - I have some orange fabrics that I'd like to make some kind of valance with. I don't have a clear plan, but the bare rod has to be covered.

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