Friday, April 20, 2007

7 Favorite Songs

So I heard about this topic going around blogland. First at Everyday Mommy and then at Rocks in My Dryer. The idea is to list 7 Favorite Songs. I thought I'd give it a shot. Favorite is a really strong word though.

In no particular order...

Mission of my Soul - Peter Himmelman. This is Surferman and mine's song. I found a live version of the song at his website. You have to get past a lengthy intro but the song is there and boy is it nice.

Blessed Be - Tree63. This song gave me great comfort when we were told that we probably wouldn't have a child without advanced reproductive technology and more when I found out I was pregnant. You can listen to it at Tree63's my space page

Everything That's Beautiful - Chris Tomlin This song gives me comfort with the realization that Grom may very well be an only child.

Love Shack - The B-52's Who would've guessed that they have a web site and that they are still touring???

If I Had a Million Dollars - BNL This song is from their 1st album. I've always wanted a monkey.

Fill Me - Sherri Youngward If you dig around her website you can hear this song. She is amazing. I love worshiping our great big God with her.
Here's the lyrics

Fill Me

Holy Spirit the Father’s grace
The promised One in Jesus’ name
I need you now, I need Your power
To walk with boldness in this hour

Search my heart
Cleanse this temple
Holy One, only You are able
To take this life, my offering
Holy One, I am willing

Fill Me
Fill Me
Fill Me

The Hairbrush Song - Veggie Tales (Silly Songs with Larry)
When anything is missing at our house this song is sung with the said lost item substituted for "hairbrush" in the lyric. When Grom sings it I melt.


  1. Robin, I love your blog. You are my kinda gal!

    aka triplethreat

  2. :0) We love the Hairbrush song!!

    Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in an accountabilty partner? I am struggling with staying in my bible reading plan. I am so far behind right now but don't want to just give up because I am not in line with some ones bible reading play.. I want to continue in the word. I am encouraged by your victory. What do you think? Feel free to say "no".. I would understand completely and have no hard feelings what so ever... promise :0).