Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tollipop's Hypothetical Friday

1. Would you rather be the belle of the ball with a dance card from here to Katmandu, with brilliant dance skills and partners to match, or would you rather be that girl who wanders onto the terrace for some night air, comes across a dashing stranger doing the very same thing, and spends the rest of the evening lost in the most mesmerizing conversation you've ever had in your whole, entire life?
dashing stranger and mesmerizing conversation... although mastering ballroom dancing... hmmm

2. Would you rather have a magical tree house whose entrance is imperceptible to others and which offers the most wonderful, relaxing retreat? This tree follows you everywhere you go, so if you're in the middle of a stressful situation, you can simply turn around or step outside and voilĂ --your sanctuary awaits! Or, would you rather have a magical tree house that, once entered, can transport you anywhere in the world, only it always deposits you to the same spot when you're ready to return (in other words, access is less convenient than the first option)?
relaxing retreat wherever I am - what a great possibility - of course I'm assuming said tree house would be well stocked with decaf coffee and come equipped with a masseuse.

3. Would you rather pilot anything (air) or would you rather drive anything (ground)...with crazy amazing skills either way?
pilot - wouldn't it be great to be able to do loop-de-loops and barrel rolls like a stunt pilot?

4. Would you rather be a great composer of music, or would you rather play an invincible game of chess?
great composer - think of all the songs I could come up with

5. Would you like to live in your dream house on a rather impersonal street, or would you rather live in a relatively average house on your dream street with the ability to choose as your neighbors anyone currently residing on this planet? What would your dream house look like or what would you call your street and whom would you choose as neighbors?
I'd choose an average house on an amazing street. Our home would have lots of room for entertaining. We could have all our wonderful neighbors anytime. Pack your stuff and plan to move - friends, family and fun people. And you too Shelly... you can encourage me to exercise.

6. Would you like a tiny, sweet hedgehog named Pip, or would you like a darling bulldog puppy named Collins who never drools and is perfectly trained? (okay, you can name them whatever you long as you tell me).
As tempting as a non-drooling bulldog is... how could I not pick a sweet hedgehog named Pip? I'd carry him in my pocket and feed him the fattening stuff off my plate.

7. Would you like a scrumptious picnic in a meadow on a beautiful spring day, or would you care to enjoy a divine lunch in a Parisian bistro? p.s. either choice allows you to bring along the one you love...or Mr. Darcy, if you are presently undecided.
A scrumptious picnic - cheese, baguette, strawberries, chocolate and lime sparkling water with a Surferman who knows who Mr. Darcy is and has some of his manners and decorum. The meadow would be filled with wild flowers and the pollen wouldn't bother me.

Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day weekend...

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